DI Public Health is a branch of Development International e.V., specialized in providing solutions in the fields of public health and healthcare. For the purposes of enhanced health and development outcomes, from clinical trials to dynamic interfaces, we support numerous facets of IT applied to the health domain.


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Public Health



Data collection

Clinical trial data collection in mobile or web-based application development


  • COVID-19

Medical commodities

Supply chain optimization

  • Quality assurance of PPE amid COVID-19

  • Connecting market demand and supply

Completed work


Custom user interfaces

The DI team was honored to provide the customized software development underpinning the Substance Use Measure Identification (SUMI) tool hosted at HPTN.org.

Spearheaded by the Substance Use Scientific Committee (SUSC) of the HIV Prevention and Trials Network (HPTN), SUMI is a web-based, interactive tool to assist researchers in identifying the proper measures and survey instruments with which to assess substance use in the setting of HIV.