About Us

Development International e.V. (DI) is a not-for-profit organization specialized in conducting research where law, business and development intersect.  

DI's point of departure is to bring independent scientific scrutiny, clarity, and accuracy to bear on issues with an empirical deficit, thus enabling constructive discussions.

We also develop and implement evidence-based intervention strategies and solutions to achieve sustainable development outcomes, and we build capacity to transfer knowledge and competencies to other stakeholders in the process.


Our inter-disciplinary team combines legal, economic and public health competencies. The economic underpinning is insofar imperative in that we understand how the leading economic theory and modelling can be leveraged to the desired ends of sustainable development. Similarly, our command of legislative precedents and impending paradigms allow us to compare and contrast legislative models. Our public health experience helps us ground our population-based research in a rightsholder and ultimate beneficiary perspectives. 

DI is based in Germany but internationally active. DI's affiliates allow us to build bridges of awareness, insight and a common future.


Core Competencies

Survey Research

  • We conduct scientifically rigorous research, e.g. population-based surveys and bespoke studies, applying qualitative and/or quantitative methods.


Cost-benefit Modeling

  • We model the projected cost of proposed legal instruments.


Compliance Assessments

  • Whether of an individual company or cross-sector, DI evaluates compliance with regulations.


Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

  • Whether on a project, program, sector or industry basis, we offer bespoke M&E solutions and services.

Capacity Building

  • We build capacity of organizations and governments through targeted workshops and continuing education.

Policy Development

  • We develop evidence-based policy through bespoke research, at the national and supranational levels.


Our Principles 

  1. Our independence and impartiality allow us to remain objective.

  2. Our scientific rigor ensures our work is accurate.

  3. Our circumspection allows for a nuanced perspective.

  4. We only have one reputation.


Our Team 


Jesse Hudson, J.D.                   Jasper Trautsch, PhD               Jiahua (Java) Xu, PhD               William Bertrand, PhD


Chris Bayer, PhD                      Julie Hernandez, PhD                  Juan Ibañez, LL.M.                   Shipeng Chen, MD, MPH


Our Clients (current / past clients of DI team members)

public sector

private / non-profit sector