Public Consultation

proposing an expanded set of UK MSA benchmarking indicators


The "Independent Review of the Modern Slavery Act 2015" observed that: "Stakeholders were clear that the lack of clarity, guidance, monitoring and enforcement in modern slavery statements needed to be addressed to increase compliance and quality." (page 14, point 17)


Development International's UK MSA benchmarks, facilitated by the Global Governance Research Fund (GGRF), provide an independent review of MSA statements, allowing individual organisations to track their progress on the issue as well as provide stakeholders with a monitoring measure.

Our evaluation instrument thus far had featured 47 indicators (see prior year scorecards of the FTSE 100 here, and of the Real Estate 100 here).

With organisations subject to the MSA having many years of compliance experience since the law's enactment, for 2020 we propose an expanded set of good practice indicators that will provide a more nuanced perspective on anti-slavery measures pursued bringing the total number of indicators to 70.    

We therefore solicit input, on the part of stakeholders at large, on the expanded set of indicators before their deployment. To view the proposed indicators, please download the Word document below, provide your input, and revert it back to Dr. Chris Bayer ( 

The consultation's closing date is 30 April, 2020.